Navigating Seasonal Blues: A Guide for Seniors

Begin by acknowledging the common struggles seniors face during certain times, such as cold weather, shorter days, holidays, and the absence of loved ones. Emphasize the importance of addressing these feelings and provide a sense of empathy. Understanding Seasonal Blues: Discuss why seniors may experience heightened feelings of sadness during specific seasons. Factors such as Read More

One Son or Daughter ALWAYS Does More

One son or daughter always does more to take care of their parents. Circumstances often dictate this, it’s not necessarily anybody being casual or lazy or being thoughtless. Some logistics make it so that one daughter or son usually does more. As elderly parents begin to rely on family for more support, the amount of Read More

Elderly Self-Neglect

Self-neglect is a  growing problem among seniors Self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that commonly goes unreported, according to a new survey of eldercare experts. The survey which was conducted by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) finds that self-neglect among seniors is the most common form of elderly abuse/neglect Read More