Most people are not truthful with their own doctor

Many people aren’t upfront with their doctors and other health care providers about some of their habits and behaviors, which likely reduces the quality of care they receive.

Some of the questions patients are less than honest with their physicians about include:

  • Exercise and/or diet habits.
  • All the medications they’re taking.
  • Not taking medications as instructed.
  • Taking someone else’s prescribed medicine.
  • Not understanding the provider’s instructions.
  • Disagreeing with the provider’s recommendations.

The main reason most patients are less than truthful to their physician is they are embarrassed about their health choices, followed by not wanting to be lectured by their doctor.

The trouble with a patient’s dishonesty is that doctors can’t offer accurate medical advice when they don’t have all the facts.

If patients are withholding information about what they’re eating, or whether they are taking their medication, it can have significant implications for their health—especially if they have a chronic illness.

Patients who honestly communicate with their doctors make more appropriate medical decisions and have better health outcomes.

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