Variety – Not only the spice of life… It’s GOOD for you.

Food-VarietyMany people feel secure in eating the same food every day because those foods are convenient, and it makes them feel safe in having a habit they don’t have to think much about.

According to experts, it’s essential to change up your meals regularly. There are several reasons why it’s so important to vary what you eat every day; the biggest reason is nutrition.

Seasons and growing conditions change the level of vitamins and minerals in our food. Our bodies were designed with that in mind and thrive off variety. Eating the same thing could lead to nutrient deficiencies.

4 Reasons why you should not eat the same food everyday:

  • Nutritional deficiency
  • It hurts your gut health- eating a wide variety of foods provides a favorable environment for the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.
  • Over dozing on certain nutrients
  • Could develop an eating disorder – eating the same food can lead to a selective eating disorder.
  • Boredom

How Granny NANNIES can help

Work commitments and caring for a family can often mean that family caregivers may not be able to provide as much social interaction as a loved one requires. Social isolation may have a negative impact on the daily living of many elderly. It may lead to a lack of nutritious meals because of eating alone and resulting in weight loss and malnutrition. Scheduled home care visits by a trained care provider can boost general well-being and improve the quality of life by helping your family member maintain a level of independence while still offering a level of care and support when needed including:

  • Meal preparation
  • Engage in games, reading aloud, or a favorite hobby
  • Assist with grocery shopping, errands, and doctor appointments
  • Light housekeeping and general supervision/safety

Knowing when to seek outside help and where to find quality care can be challenging. Granny NANNIES was established in 1990 to provide seniors with in-home care. Operating under the founding premise that reliable and affordable senior home care should be available to everyone, professional care providers offer personalized services to meet the requirements of any individual, regardless of age or need, in their home. Services are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.